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Single Origin:  
For those who want to experience different parts of the world through our coffee, we offer single origin coffees from Africa, Latin America, and Mexico.  Choose one type, or let us send you our monthly choices. We rotate our single origin coffees every two weeks. 

We combine 2 or 3 single origin coffees in just the right formula to bring out key flavor notes.  It’s smooth, complex, and balanced.  We rotate our blends every two weeks between our 4 favorite Single origin coffees. 

All decaf is not created equal.  We search the world over for the best quality natural decaffeinated coffee. We chose the Swiss Water Method because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals, and it leaves the unique coffee notes intact.  

We roast our espresso blends a little darker which balances the single origins for the home barista, and allows them to pull great shots every time.  

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Once a week- one 12 oz bag every week 
Two bags every 2 weeks: two 12 oz bags shipped every 2 weeks-and free shipping 
Once a Month: one 12 oz bag per month 

Available: Whole Bean /Ground