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Meet Anna Parker

Anna Parker holding a cup of coffee

The Foundress, Visionary, heart, and soul behind Roast 808

Anna has always been an artist. She believes art is an authentic expression of self, and her love for creativity and innovation fills her life with color. Her artistic journey found a new canvas in coffee, a medium she mastered first as a barista during her college years.
Anna Parker Coffee Visionary


Coffee fueled Anna as she explored a variety of fields and careers, but she always knew she wanted to open her own business. 

In 2020, she met an artisan roaster who offered her a taste of one of his roasts. This was the moment she realized how much better coffee is when it’s roasted properly and served fresh. This also opened her eyes to how burnt and stale chain and grocery store coffee is by comparison. Her life changed that day. She knew she had to master the art of roasting so that everyone could try coffee as it should be.

 Roast 808 logo on black

The Birth of Roast 808

Roast 808 didn’t spring up overnight. Anna rebranded her roastery three times before landing on the name and brand you know and love today! But as soon as she chose Roast 808, the stars aligned and everything began falling into place. It was just right.

Coffee roasting stages

Each and every batch of Roast 808 coffee is carefully roasted and packaged by Anna and her support crew, ensuring the highest quality roast at the slow speed necessary to unlock all the natural flavors. She also personally vets all our suppliers to ensure not only the quality of the beans but also the ethics with which it is produced. She believes every farmer is entitled to fair pay and knows that when growers are taken care of, their love for their crops makes the beans that much more delicious. 

Anna painting

Above and Beyond

But Anna is more than an artisan roaster—she paints the walls, builds the furniture, runs the coffee bar, designs custom packaging, sells at farmers’ markets, restocks her coffee at grocery stores and restaurants, keeps the fish in the roastery alive (one of them is 20 years old!), and so much more. Truly a one-woman-wonder!!

Anna Parker hanging lights in the coffee roastery

Beyond Roast 808, Anna has become a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs in the coffee industry. She has helped multiple cafes launch successfully, and is always open to being a mentor for anyone who wants to make coffee their livelihood.Love Coffee?Whether you're dreaming of opening your own cafe, would like to partner in creating a custom blend, or are simply passionate about coffee, email Anna at ap@roast808.com to set up a free call! You’ll get the inside scoop on how to get started in the industry. And you won’t have to pay a penny for it. 


Come and See What It’s All About

Stop by our roastery in Rolling Meadows and say hello! We are open 8am–4pm every week. Your visit includes a free latte crafted by Anna herself! Follow us on social media to hear about events, promotions, and more.

We love our coffee community! ❤️ 🪽