Our Story

Roaster and Founder, Seumas O’Hara, grew up in a family of enthusiastic foodies and adventurous cooks. Making coffee was an everyday ritual for them. Without a coffee maker at home, his parents perfected the stovetop pour-over, which he jokes was invented in the O’Hara household. Their quest to produce quality coffee no matter how limited their resources were, sparked something within Seumas and his appreciation for roasting grew. He continued to study the history, science, and artistry of coffee .  In 2009, he bought a small Gene Cafe roaster with the goal of making a better cup of coffee.  The roaster only had a half-pound capacity and a simple control array, but it produced coffee far superior to anything he had ever enjoyed before.  A few years later, he upgraded to a Diedrich IR1 (2 lb. capacity) and moved his operation from the garage to the basement.  After sharing his latest roasts with family and friends, it became clear it was time to bring his passion to the masses. Upgrading again to a commercial level Diedrich and investing in a roasting and retail space — His roasting operation was launched.


Co-founder and Visionary, Anna Parker has always led with the ideal that art is an authentic expression of self.  From drawing, painting, and working with mixed media, to graphic, conceptual, and interior design, her love for creativity and innovation has filled her life with color. During her college years, she began working as a barista, where she found that coffee is an artform consumed. She learned how to cup coffee and her palate grew more selective and refined.  Years later she met Seumas and after tasting the quality of his roasts, she encouraged him to turn his obsession into a business.  Anna's creativity and vision propelled the Roast 808 brand to be born! 


Newly located in a Chicago suburb, Roast 808 has added a Diedrich IR12 (26 lb. capacity) roaster and has a full barista setup in their warehouse, both to entertain customers and to help clients create their own blends.  We are dedicated daily to sourcing the finest coffee beans from producers we love, making sure the coffee is sustainably sourced, and the farmers are paid a fair price. 

Our goal is simple.  We strive every day to blend the best coffee in the world, so you can taste what coffee should taste like, but seldom does.  Taste the Roast 808 difference.  You’ll be glad you did!