Our Coffee


We are small batch specialty coffee roasters.  

By roasting only 26 lbs. (12 kg) at a time, we are able to control every aspect of our process, ensuring each batch is reflective of its region's special qualities and unique characteristics.  

We offer both single origin, and hand-crafted artisan blends, roasted to order, to supply our customers with the freshest coffee available anywhere. 

Being a ‘third wave coffee’ roaster, we source high quality, specialty grade coffee beans to produce exceptional roasts and pay our farmers fairly.  

Sourced Fairly. Superior Quality.  

In the beginning of our journey, sourcing our beans was a challenging yet exciting process. By building the relationships with our importers, we were able to connect with many small farms directly to find the hidden gems producing the highest quality beans.  

By thoughtfully exploring and partnering with hard-working producerswe were able to go the extra mile for our customers and work together to improve the social and environmental standards for our farms.  

Coffee beans in field